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Arriving at a precise number is complicated by human values and uncertainty about future technologies. For example, we gain a benefit by having a car. Criteria Pollutants Six pollutants, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides NOxozone, particulate matter especially less than 10 micronssulfur dioxide SO2and lead, whose regulation was mandated by the original Clean Air Act inare referred to as criteria pollutants.

The logic was that since migratory birds used the wetlands and the birds were hunted as a commercial resource and because the constitution gave the federal government the authority to regulate interstate commerce, the Corps could protect the wetlands.

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Biodiversity Biodiversity is broadly defined to encompass the variety of all forms of life, from genes to species, and on through to the broad scale of ecosystems and the processes that generate and sustain them.

The answers to these matches will be: Once at the exam, you will "perform. AM is focused around communities of place, identity, or interest.

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Go through your lecture notes and readings including primary documents and highlight things you might include in each essay. Once the solution has been tried out, the results get evaluated and the policy is possibly reformulated to improve outcomes.

This refers to Anthropocentric and Biocentric views of the land. Humans are given special value above other creatures and the land.

In a negative sense this can mean that systems will pathologically return to their pre-disturbance condition over time and are unable to change to meet new needs or circumstances.

Bentham argued that because stones do not have this ability there is no justification for granting them such consideration. Similarly we might argue in favor of environmental protection not because we find a clean environment useful but simply because it is pretty.

Intro to Anthropology Midterm study guide

If we maximize population the options for feeding that population become fewer we can only grow crops with very high yields. In preparing for this exam, please be sure to review both the tapes and the reading assignments.

A GIS system can be used, for example, to combine satellite data with ground features to create maps of the rain forests. Anthropocentrists see humans and human needs as the central driver of policy.

Therefore people will continue to breed even as they know that too many people will lead to mutual starvation. End the paragraph with a concluding sentence that is more analytical, explaining the significance of the evidence you have just presented in the paragraph. Thus managers are scientifically managing the Everglades based on past theories and not learning from current evidence Additional information from which questions might be drawn: What role did the Phoenicians play in the creation of Rome and the development of Italy.

Missing the examination due to oversleeping is not an acceptable excuse. Most of what you need to know will be covered in the review sessions we do before the test. The terms you must know are highlighted within the lecture notes on this website or are discussed at length in Soren and Martin.

You may retake any of the quizzes as part of your preparation. A part of its value is in how it makes our life better.


Intrinsic Value — the existence value Things are valued intrinsically by their very existence. Briefly explain the nature of The Tragedy of the Commons. Possible solutions are formulated and gain legitimacy broad acceptance.

First Midterm Study Guide. NOTE: Only the ones covered in class. Short-essay questions. Cases in a. broader context. Show understanding. of the threats of toxics in the following environments: Environment.

E8 Introduction to Environmental Analysis and Design Last modified by. 3 HIST Dr. Schaffer Tips for doing well on the midterm: 1. Write outline answers to all of the identifications and all of the essay questions on this study guide.

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Anth Midterm exam study guide The midterm exam will consist of written questions that you will answer in a blue book. the study of man in all places at all times cultural anthropology studies human thought, feelings and behavior. focuses on humans as culture producing and reproducing beings.

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AP English Language and Composition – Midterm Study Guide Ponder – Your midterm will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions written in the style of an AP exam. You will have reading selections that accompany each set of questions. You will only have 45 minutes to complete the multiple-choice section of the test.

BUAD Organizational Behavior Midterm Study Guide What is organizational behavior?

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Organizational behavior is the study of how organizations work and focuses on teaching companies to perform efficiently.

Intro to anthropology midterm study guide essay
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